Composer | Arranger | Guitarist Fred Vandenberg resides in Edgely, Pennsylvania. Fred is married to his angelical wife Gloria Galante. Fred is an active member of the Edgely Christian Church.

Fred has been playing music since he was a young child and is self taught. He attended Bucks County Community College and William Paterson College, majoring in Jazz performance. He released his first album in 1992-1993 called Fred Vandenberg and the World Beat Ensemble. Fred has a special gift for creating music. The songs on the album originated from his dreams.  He would awaken in the middle of the night to play and create the music he was was dreaming.  Sometimes he would write it out and other times he would use a cassette tape recorder. Gloria Galante, his then girlfriend, played beautifully the harp and could improvise easily to accompany Fred.  The harp added a beautiful texture to the music. Fred also incorporated upright and electric bass, keys, percussion and drums.   It was a very colorful ensemble to say the least.

Fred’s next CD release was in 2002. It was entitled “OFF.”   This album featured Fred playing solo acoustic guitar.  He also used a steel string acoustic guitar with a few detunings.  Fred is also the inventor of the “Vtar.”  This is a  49 string guitar…what a beast to tune! His inspiration for this invention was Pat Metheny’s Picasso guitar.  Fred sat in his studio and made a mock up out of cardboard, duct tape and aluminum foil. Then off he went to see Michael Menkevich, a guitar luthier located in Elkins Park, Philadelphia. It took Michael a few years to complete, but when it was done ……Wow !  Two recordings on the” OFF” CD feature the “Vtar.”

Fred is currently working on a gospel CD which he will play several guitars and bass. There will be Gloria’s Harp (of course), drums and a whole slew of beautiful singers and a full choir.

Fred has been diligently videoing himself playing the baritone 7 string nylon guitar (also built by Michael Menkevich). These video can be seen at his new book store called is a Christian book store that helps to promote and support his music and church.  This website houses bibles, study bibles, children’s books, CD’s, reenactment CD’s of the old and new testament and all books that are inspirational praise to our Lord, Jesus Christ.   So come and enjoy the music and at